Witchcraft is many things to many different people.  Here at MoonRock we practice a special type of life-affirming Magick which views everything as sacred and interconnected - part of the One.  We view the natural World as an embodiment of Divinity - immanent and transcendent expressed as infinite variations of masculine and feminine.  We seek attunement with the natural rhythms of the phases of the moon, the change of the seasons, the solstices, the equinoxes and all of the rhythms of the Universe. Part of this attunement includes ritual in a very sacred space marked by a circle upon MoonRock Mountain.  We are a participatory religion which celebrates action leading to greater understanding of oneself and the Universe. 

Our practice is akin to the ancient mystery schools - involving years of training and passage through life-transforming initiatory rituals.  We can reach out and experience the mysteries -- oneness with all Life.  Those who wish to experience this transcendence must work, create, and participate of their own free will.  For this reason our coven is lovingly selective.  This allows for each individual to contribute to the efforts of the group by self- knowledge and creative experimentation.

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