We are offering a limited series of classes via Zoom:

Saturday, Oct 29 - How to Communicate With Your Ancestors - 1pm

Monday, Nov 7 - Money & Prosperity Magick - 6pm

Saturday, Dec 3 - Love & Attraction Magick - 2pm

*To see a description of each class and to claim your seat, scroll to the bottom of this page.*

Joining the Coven of the Witches of MoonRock Mountain

We are a teaching group and our members look forward to sharing our magickal tradition with all who seek to walk the Path of the Old Ways.  Periodically, we open our doors to new students. Candidates are interviewed and selected to attend our 6 month - Seeker level class. During this period of time, you can attend regular classes on Sundays as well as celebrate several Witches Sabbats and a new moon ritual (known as an Esbat). It is a wonderful introduction to the Pagan way and a means for everyone in the Coven to get to know each other. We will start interviewing candidates in the summer of 2022 for a new class which starts in early September, 2023.

Upon completing the Seeker class, you will be offered a Seeker's Dedication. At that point, you are not obligated to join our Coven; nor does this ceremony guarantee acceptance into our Coven. Our Inner Council only selects a few students to further studies. Advanced studies progress through three levels (degrees) of initiation to the priesthood.

You can download an application by clicking here.   



The majority of our classes and rituals are held in-person at our 90-acre homestead and Covenstead, MoonRock Mountain.  MoonRock Mountain is located about 40 minutes east of Atlanta along I-20 and about 50 minutes southwest of Athens, GA.  Explore a beautiful land which has taken 400 million years to form.  Dominated by two silvercloud granite outcrops separated by a natural stream, Moonrock Mountain offers natural wonders, breathtaking beauty, and a compelling history.  It's also home to five endangered plants and two species of endangered animals.  The red bulbs of the diamorpha plant bloom brilliantly twice a year - and shallow water pools are ideal for viewing pool sprite and frog eggs.   

We are an active farm - complete with goats, alpaca, chickens, peacocks, quail, pheasants and doves.  We have a robust garden - full of food and magical plants and several beautiful wild foraging areas.  We're also 100% off grid - we derive our power from the Sun and our water from the Earth  - with no connection to city utilities.  We do not have internet, cable or WiFi on campus and we actively encourage all digital devices to be off during class and ritual.  

Welcome to our home - we hope it inspires you with the same awe and reverence we feel for it.



+ Witchcraft and the Grove: One of the most basic questions we ask as humans is: Where did we come from?  As we ponder this question together we will explore our collective history as well as explain how the practice of Witchcraft enables one to begin to create their own reality.  Why does 1+1=3 ?

+ Divination: What is the secret to being psychic? How to tap into your inner intuition as well as learn various methods of divination and how to know the unknown.

+ The Elements: The entire Universe is made of 4 building blocks known as the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air.  Join us as we dive deep into the secret mysteries of the Five Elements, elementals, their correspondences as well as special techniques for working with each.

+ Wildcrafting & Bio-regional Witchcraft: As a witch, it is important to have an understanding of your bioregion so that you can more fully participate with your surroundings and have an intimate knowledge of the many micro environments and plant populations.  Many of the "popular" magickal herbs are grown all over the world.  Their energy footprint can many times include unethical harvesting practices not to mention the carbon waste associated with its transportation and packaging.  A lot of this can be mitigated by simply using the plants found right here in the Georgia woods.  You will learn techniques which will enable your practice to be more sustainable and Earth-honoring.

+ The Circle: We seek attunement with the natural rhythms of the Universe.  Part of this attunement includes ritual in a very sacred space marked by the circle.  Learn the mysteries of this circle and how it is cast out at MoonRock.

+ Planetary Magick & Astrology: Did you know that the stars and planets have a great influence over your life? Learn the planets, their various correspondences and applications in your life and in Magick. You will also receive the tools and knowledge of your own birth chart and learn the purpose of your life during this incarnation.

+ Spirit World: Where are they, how can you reach out to them? Protect yourself with safe ways to interact with spirits. Who are the Ancestors? How to establish a relationship with your Ancestors & Guides.

+ Craft Tools: Make magickal oils, candles, incenses, and Tools of Magick all from locally sourced materials with the correct correspondences at the most powerful times.

+ 3 day Spring Retreat - experience off grid farm life and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals as we hike, play and celebrate the glory of the height of Spring.

+ Much More!



The 6 month course is $499

The wisdom and knowledge gained through this course will undoubtedly change your life for the better.  It's an investment into your spiritual development and many of our initiates have found deep healing, purpose and balance in their lives. 

  Please note that we do not accept any payments until after we have reviewed your application and have conducted an in-person interview at a neutral & public location in Covington, Georgia.    

We also have one apprenticeship available working on the farm a few hours per week for the duration of the program.  In exchange for your work you would receive free tuition. For more information about our apprenticeship program please email [email protected]

Refund Policy:  We rely on tuition payments in order to teach our program, buy all of the requisite supplies and provide you with student materials.   Therefore we do not give refunds for any reason.   If you are unable to attend the course - we will allow you to participate the next time we offer a Seeker's course.  



Seeker Classes are held in person most Sundays from 11:00AM to 2:00 PM at our beautiful location near Covington, Georgia at MoonRock Mountain.   Sabbots, Esbats and initiations are held during heightened astrological energy points and therefore can fall on any day of the week.  We have listed below the (non-Sunday) dates for these special times.  If you are accepted into the program, please make every effort to be here during these sacred and powerful celebrations.



NEW Seeker Classes Start: September 2023

Current Year:

Ostara: Saturday, March 19, 2022 (Spring Equinox)

 Saturday April 30, 2022

Litha: Saturday June 18, 2022  (Summer Solstice)

Class Retreat:  Saturday August 6 - Monday August 8

Lughnasah: Monday, August 8, 2022   (Seeker's Recognition Ceremony)

Mabon: Saturday, September 24, 2022   

Samhain: Saturday, November 5, 2022   

Yule: Saturday, December 17, 2022   

Here are our upcoming classes and a description of each:

Saturday, October 29 - How to Communicate With Your Ancestors

What is Death?  Where do we go after we die?  These are just some of the questions we will be discussing during our upcoming ancestor class. We are about to be in a period of time where the veil between the living and the dead grows thin.  From October 30 through November 17 we are granted access to a portal on the wheel of life. This is a powerful period is a perfect time for us to pause, honour and pay homage to our ancestors and our loved ones who have passed on.  We will go over how to have safe spirit contact, various methods for constructing a beneficial ancestor altar and how to begin communicating effectively with them.  Do not worry if you are adopted or if you have a bad relationship with your family - every human on Earth has ancestors and can improve their life by elevating their loved ones into the light.  By lifting them, we lift ourselves.  Join us by Zoom on Saturday Oct 29 at 1pm.  The link will be emailed to you the day of the class.

Monday, November 7 - Money & Prosperity Magick

Who couldn't use some extra money? Especially with everything constantly getting more expensive.   Learn how magick can bring prosperity into your life.  This class will review basic spell construction, how to wildcraft plants which grow here in Georgia to use in your spells, serious mistakes that beginners can make and how to keep money flowing into your life.  Join us by Zoom on Monday, November 7th at 6pm.  The link will be emailed to you.

Saturday, December 3 - Love & Attraction Magick

Would you like to radiate beauty?  Has someone special caught your eye?  Do you want to go on more dates or get that extra boost when interviewing for jobs?  Then baby, this love class is for you! Learn the basics of love magick and how it is employed effectively to get what you want and need.  Join us by Zoom on Saturday, December 3 at 2pm.  The link will be emailed to you the day of the class.

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