The majority of our classes and rituals are held at our 90-acre homestead and Covenstead, MoonRock Mountain.  MoonRock Mountain is located about 35 minutes east of Atlanta along I-20 and about 50 minutes southwest of Athens, GA.  Explore a beautiful land which has taken 400 million years to form.  Dominated by two silvercloud granite outcrops separated by a natural stream, Moonrock Mountain offers natural wonders, breathtaking beauty, and a compelling history.  It's also home to five endangered plants and two species of endangered animals.  The red bulbs of the diamorpha plant bloom brilliantly twice a year - and shallow water pools are ideal for viewing pool sprite and salamander eggs.   

We are an active farm - complete with goats, alpaca, chickens, peacocks, quail, pheasants and doves.  We have a robust garden - full of food and magical plants and several beautiful wild foraging areas.  We're also 100% off grid - we derive our power from the Sun and our water from the Earth  - with no connection to city utilities.  We do not have internet, cable or WiFi on campus and we actively encourage all digital devices to be off during class and ritual.  

Welcome to our home - we hope it inspires you with the same awe and reverence we feel for it.

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