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What Is Witchcraft?

Wicca is a life-affirming,nature-oriented religion that sees life as sacred and interconnected, and the natural world as an embodiment of divinity, immanent as well as transcendent, and experiences the divine as feminine and masculine.

Wiccan spiritual practices are intended to attune us to the natural rhythms of the universe. Celebrations and holidays coincide with the phases of the moon, the change of the seasons, and the solstices and equinoxes. The Wiccan calendar is referred to as the Wheel of the Year.

Wiccans hold rituals in a ritual space marked by a circle. We do not build church buildings to create this sacred, ritual space -- all Earth is sacred and in touch with the Goddess and so any place, indoors or out, may be consecrated for ritual use.

Most Wiccans consider their practice akin to the mystery schools of the ancients, involving years of training and passage through life-transforming initiatory rituals.

Most Wiccans agree on an ethical code known as the Wiccan Rede,"An it harm none, do what ye will." This Rede honors the freedom of each individual to do what she or he believes is right; while simultaneously recognizing the profound responsibility that none may be harmed by one's actions.

Keep in mind that our religion is not a series of precepts. Rather we believe that, in ourselves, we have the capacity to reach out and experience the mystery -- that feeling of ineffable oneness with all Life. Those who wish to experience this transcendence must work, create, and participate of their own free will. For this reason, our congregations, called covens, are small. This allows for each individual to contribute to the efforts of the group by self- knowledge and creative experimentation within the agreed-upon group structure.

There are many traditions within the Craft. Each groups takes its inspiration from either a ancient pantheon or ethnic groups from mythology and history (e.g. Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Finno-Ugric); or from the liturgical works of modern Witch poets or scholars; or from self-seeking and soul inspiration.

There are many paths to spiritual growth. Wicca is a participatory revelation, a celebratory action leading to greater understanding of oneself and the universe. We believe there is much to learn by studying our past, through myth, through ritual drama, through poetry and music, through love and through living in harmony with the Earth.

Although the religion formed into a cohesive entity in the 1950s, the roots of the religion are very old, coming down to us through a variety of channels worldwide. The religion was a great puzzle being assembled from the surviving practices and beliefs of the ancient traditions, the oral traditions of pagan cultures,archaeological and anthropological studies of the religious practices of non-Christian cultures, the works of the 19th and 20th century metaphysical orders, and the liberalization of anti-Witchcraft laws. Since the resurrection of the Old Ways and the creation of the New Religion, Wicca has become a growing spiritual practice that is gaining popularity as well as acceptance worldwide.

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Witchcraft Classes

Seeker Classes:

We are a teaching group and our members look forward to sharing our tradition with all who seek to walk the path. However, we are also a private, small group that enjoys the support and spiritual dimensions that one can only reach in such an atmosphere. All classes are in-person at our Covenstead near Covington, GA and not online.

Periodically, we open our doors to new students. Candidates are interviewed and selected to attend our 13 week - Seeker level class. During this period of time, you will attend regular classes on Sunday as well as a few Sabbats and a moon ritual. It is a wonderful introduction to the Pagan way and a means for everyone in the Temple to get to know each other. We are currently interviewing candidates for a new class which starts early next Spring, 2022.

Upon completing the Seeker class, you will be offered a Pagan Dedication. At that point, you are not obligated to join our Coven; nor does this ceremony guarantee acceptance into our Coven. Our inner council will selectively decide whether to admit you to further studies. Advanced studies progress through three levels (degrees) of initiation to the priesthood.



The majority of our classes and rituals are held at our 90-acre homestead and Covenstead, MoonRock Mountain.  MoonRock Mountain is located about 35 minutes east of Atlanta along I-20 and about 50 minutes southwest of Athens, GA.  Explore a beautiful land which has taken 400 million years to form.  Dominated by two silvercloud granite outcrops separated by a natural stream, Moonrock Mountain offers natural wonders, breathtaking beauty, and a compelling history.  It's also home to five endangered plants and two species of endangered animals.  The red bulbs of the diamorpha plant bloom brilliantly twice a year - and shallow water pools are ideal for viewing pool spite and salamander eggs.   

We are an active farm - complete with goats, alpaca, chickens, peacocks, quail, pheasants and doves.  We have a robust garden - full of food and magical plants and several beautiful wild foraging areas.  We're also 100% off grid - this means that we derive all of our power from the Sun and all of our water from the Earth  - with no connection to city utilities.  We do not have internet, cable or WiFi on campus and we actively encourage all phones to be off during class and ritual.

Welcome to our home - we hope it inspires you with the same awe and reverence we feel for it.

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Upcoming Events

2022 Planning Meeting: January 4, 2022  Imbolc & Hiving Ceremony :  February 8, 2022 First Degree Classes Resume: February 16, 2022 Seeker Classes Start: February 22, 2022 Travel to WitchFest in
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About Us

Our specific tradition of witchcraft is what is known as a family tradition (hereditary).  Hereditary witchcraft is the transfer of beliefs, magickal practices, power and/or ritual practices from one family member to another, usually from one generation to the next.  The information passed down is considered sacred and secret, but sometimes the information is shared with trusted family friends - especially if there is no heir in the bloodline.  Our family teachings were brought to this country from the Middle East by a man named Kahlil Gibran and are said to have originated in ancient Phoenicia (modern-day Lebanon).  Khalil established a working group in New York City.  It was from this group that our late elder, Lady Rhea (Ruby "Red" Johnson-Widner) was initiated into the family ways in 1943.  Lady Rhea eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she continued the lineage by teaching new students.  

Jodi (Lady Galadriel) and John Monogue (Lord Athanor) were her first students and after some time they received 3rd degree and received permission to hive from the Mother Coven and teach non-related students.  One of their first students (now known as Witch Queen Lady Magdalena) began taking classes under Lady Galadriel and Lord Athanor (under the guidance of Lady Rhea) in 1979.  She received her 3rd degree and hived, forming the Temple of the Rising Phoenix in Duluth, Georgia.  

In 2015 our High Priest, Lord Lucian was accepted into the Temple of the Rising Phoenix 

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